: Submission Guidelines


The International Science and Investigation journal (ISIJ) is a general-interest ,International science Journal ( Applied Science Area).  This journal  is available in both Printed and online format.Full text is free to download.


The editors meet approximately every eight weeks to discuss articles and make decisions about acceptance. Should your manuscript be accepted, it will generally be between three and four months before it appears in journal.




or by emai:



If you have any problem in sending article just contact us by email: info@isijournal.info

Steps for Article Submission: (Maximum 8 weeks for publishing)

1- Submit your Article 2- First reply by our journal regard Submission Latter  and publish paper in our website for online comments (under-review)       3- Send to Editor and co-editor     4-  Receive our editor comment               5- Back to us your corrected manuscript                        6- Send acceptance to author         7- Publish at website on main section and publish in both printed and online.


Length and Substance

Articles typically run about 4,000 words, the equivalent of 15 typed, double-spaced pages, including a short bibliography. Generally 8 to 12 figures may accompany the text. You are encouraged to send low-resolution electronic versions of photographs and drafts of figures with your article. (High resolution figures will be requested if your article is accepted.)

As you write, remember that you cannot expect any specialized knowledge on the part of the reader. Therefore, it is best to avoid formulas, extensive data tables and jargon. Abbreviations should be expanded with the first use.

If your article is accepted, an editor will be assigned to work with you on revisions—which may be extensive—captions and the plan of illustration. You will be asked to check illustrations and editorial revisions to ensure that accuracy is maintained. Our goal is to help you write and illustrate your article in such a way as to attract and hold the interest of the reader.


Manuscripts and proposals are accepted electronically and should be upload at online form. The editors prefer text to be in rich text format (word); image files may be JPEG, TIF, EPS or PDF. video file  mayh be SWF.


Please spell out all units of measurement and explain any unusual measurement units. Include the first name and the institutional affiliation of anyone mentioned in the text. World's Top Scientists’s editors require that bibliographic notes appear at the end of the text, rather than embedded. The Journal follows the APA (American Psychological Association), 15th edition author-date style for bibliographical entries, except that all publication names should be spelled out.


If you have a financial interest (for instance, an equity, consulting or patent involvement) related to the subject of your article, we ask that you let us know at submission time. This will not necessarily affect the handling of your manuscript in any way but is part of the context necessary for making good editorial decisions.

We appreciate your interest in APA (American Psychological Association) and look forward to reading your manuscript. Please send manuscripts by the online form.



The first  issues of the our international Journal will be at first of September 2011. All authors are welcome to send manuscript to our e-journal. High impact to index at motor searching as well as google and publish at online and prited format is most importance  advantage to submit your article with us. all published article in this website will be index to high alexa rank wed directory and your name will come very soon to Google  Scholar search.

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